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We focus on adding value from the wellhead to the markets.
We work closely with clients in various segments of the energy business to understand and optimize value.

We leverage our unique blend of commercial,
operational and engineering experience to identify and evaluate creative solutions.


Gas gathering and processing agreement negotiations, oil sales and marketing, project and business development, complex economic review and analysis ...

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Litigation & Audit Support

Litigation support and providing expert testimony, settlement review and audits.

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Acquisitions & Divestitures

Asset due diligence, asset purchase and divestiture, asset sales support.

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Gas Processing

Gathering system design and optimization, integrated asset optimization, oil and gas gathering, processing and downstream facility planning.

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What We Do

  • Natural gas processing, gathering and treating agreement negotiations
  • Oil sales, gathering and stabilization agreement negotiations
  • Monthly oil marketing
  • Natural gas and oil settlement and royalty audits
  • Litigation support including serving as an expert witness
  • Business and project development
  • Asset purchase and sale support including due diligence assistance, independent midstream valuation reports and asset disposition support

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